Joy of Urdu

Joy of Urdu is an organization that aims to facilitate and enable the ongoing revitalization of the Urdu language in order to reclaim our literary heritage.

Since the scope of this ambitious project is varied, we are fortunate to have the support of institutions and people from different backgrounds and countries, and an enviable group of advisors from different backgrounds, such as writer Mohsin Hamid and the famous academic and scholar Nasser Rabbat at MIT. Currently, our board and separate committees include educators, writers, artists, language acquisition experts, art historians, art critics, architects, designers, activists, journalists, financial experts, and diplomats.

The first project of the organization is a series of bilingual literacy books for children in Urdu, English and regional languages, with illustrations by top artists and illustrators. These books will provide quality teaching resources for parents and teachers, unlike anything else currently available.

The second phase of the project is a series of research-based, bilingual books about culture and the arts. The first set of publications is well under way, in various levels of completion. We aim to bring out the first one in April, and are working on raising funds for the production and printing costs of these projects. Since we are all working as volunteers at present, there are many aspects of the Joy of Urdu project that are going slower than we would have liked, but progressing nevertheless.

The Joy of Urdu is dedicated to Sabeen Mahmud, a lover of the Nastaliq script, one of the project’s earliest supporters and enabler.

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